During the recording, the musician performs several takes looking for the ideal track. Sometimes these are a lot until it has the necessary feeling to take part of the final recording, then nobody wants to refuse this ideal track only because of minor execution or technical problems.
The editing processes used with discretion can solve various imperfections to improve or save these tracks.




Step 1

Sending the tracks

Select the kind of service required and upload your tracks. We are providing a personalized service in order to understand what your project has to be.

Step 2

Free demo

MAO engineers will work on your idea in order to obtain a World Class mixing. We offer a free demo of one of your tracks at no cost or obligation.


Step 3

Mixing of the project

Only if you feel satisfied with the result we will work on your project.

Tracking, 2011

Tempo track...

There are several musical styles where habitually the drummer plays on a click-track during the recording. This is intended to maintain stability of the tempo along the song. If besides stability we look for the absolute precission or just correcting the less stable fragment, we have drum editing tools to do so. »

Editng, 2011


Using this editing technique it can get the alignment of drums or percussion sets to the tempo grids and get a higher precission sensation when executing the groove. The technique is similar to quantising in Midi but applied to Audio with intensity detectors. »

Gear, 2011

Editing gear...

We rely that your ears will be the only ones judging our sound beyond any brand, but anyway see some which we work with:»

General Rates, 2011


Here you will find the price list for all services of Mixing Audio Online including Mastering service.»MORE...

Tracking, 2011

The problem...

A similar problem of slight imprecision in the tones during the tracking happens often in the vocal tracks. We do not want to reject a good general take which has been difficult to get just because there are some moments that could be slightly improved.»

Editing, 2011

The solution...

There are techniques and tools that correct slight deffects in the intonation of the vocal tracks. Using these techniques the moments where the singer does not tune precisely in the desired note can be found and therefore corrected with the specific software.»

How does it work...

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Sending the tracks...
We have our own ftp for the sending/return of the tracks of the project. Each client has a project name and a password that guarantees the confidential exchange of files.


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Mixing of the project with Mixing Audio Online...
Once we have received all the tracks we will mix one demo for your approval. This track will contain security marks.

As soon as you give us your consent we will go ahead with the mixing of your project.


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Project finalized...
The mixed project will be delivered on the ftp, from where you will be able to use it for the purpose it was initially contracted.


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In this section you will find several documents explaining the specifications and exportation rules of the tracks in order to guarantee a total compatibility and synchronization between your project and our studio. We show as well some recommendations for your tracking procedures, etc.

Technical specs for exportation Pdf

Tracking technical recommendations Pdf

Project information excel format


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