The objective of the mastering is to prepare the mixing for the industrial replication process. This is not solely a technical procedure, the idea and concept of the work are consolidated in this step.
On the one hand the artistic concept is defined in order to achieve a coherent and balanced work from the beginning to the end and, on the other hand, the complex technical solutions which correct and balance the recording besides its preparation to match the international replication norms.

Step 1

Sending the tracks

Select the kind of service required and upload your tracks. We are providing a personalized service in order to understand what your project has to be.

Step 2

Free demo

MAO engineers will work on your idea in order to obtain a World Class mixing. We offer a free demo of one of your tracks at no cost or obligation.


Step 3

Mixing of the project

Only if you feel satisfied with the result we will work on your project.

Concept, 2011

Creativity and technique...

It is worth making clear that the mastering is not just gaining a few db's in our mix to sound "strong" in any player, nor is the magic wand that will turn a mediocre
recording/mixing into an outstanding job.

Mastering is a meticulous process where you try to get an homogeneous sound from beginning to end, considering every mix as unique and trying the necessary methods and hardware.

Some of our objectives ¬†when mastering are: getting a good program level without sacrificing the dynamic range of the recording; finding a tonal balance across the audible spectrum; the search of an adequate stereo image and compatibilities m/s in addition to the detection of clicks, hums and hiss noises to be reduced as much as possible.»

Industry Standards, 2011


The mastering will be done fulfilling the Red Book standard, including a Cd text and ISCR if requested. »

Gear, 2011

Mastering gear...

We rely that your ears will be the only ones judging our sound beyond any brand, but anyway see some which we work with:»

General Rates, 2011


Here you will find the price list for all services of Mixing Audio Online including Mastering service.» MORE...

Concept, 2011

Different options for a good ending...

Once the mixing is finished, we propose you four options for the mastering.
Mixing Audio Online wants to point out that it is a studio specialized in mixing and not in mastering and that it is respectful with all different professionals and worldwide studios that work this part of the field.

We have the human and technical resources in order to create a professional master in our studios, however, at the end, may your ears be the only ones judging the final work.

Option 1 Mastering, 2011

External Mastering...

If you are used to work with a reliable mastering studio and you want to finish the work with them, we will deliver the mixing ready for this purpose, avoiding unnecessary compressions/limitations or dithering processes. The advantage is a new and objective assessment for the final process.»

Option 2 Mastering, 2011


Mixing Audio Online will work throughout the Project as a whole, from the reception of your tracks to the delivery of the final project. The advantages are having both processes unified in an only studio and a flowing dialogue.»

Option 3 Mastering,, 2011

Only Mastering...

When you have created the mixing in your personal studio/DAW and need only the mastering in order to have a professional project, according to the Red Book standard, ready for a commercial use.»

Option 4 Mastering, 2011

Mastering associated...

Mixing Audio Online will mix the Project and will work in collaboration with some of the most relevant studios worldwide for the mastering in order to obtain the best result.
Advantages: Hi end not only in the mixing but also in the mastering with one only contact person.»

How does it work...

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Sending the tracks...
We have our own ftp for the sending/return of the tracks of the project. Each client has a project name and a password that guarantees the confidential exchange of files.


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Mixing of the project with Mixing Audio Online...
Once we have received all the tracks we will mix one demo for your approval. This track will contain security marks.

As soon as you give us your consent we will go ahead with the mixing of your project.


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Project finalized...
The mixed project will be delivered on the ftp, from where you will be able to use it for the purpose it was initially contracted.


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In this section you will find several documents explaining the specifications and exportation rules of the tracks in order to guarantee a total compatibility and synchronization between your project and our studio. We show as well some recommendations for your tracking procedures, etc.

Technical specs for exportation Pdf

Tracking technical recommendations Pdf

Project information excel format


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