The present technology allows getting easily a good track in a personal studio to thousands of musicians around the world. It is enough with a good microphone, a good preamp and specially being free from the time pressures that a professional studio imposes, where every minute counts. Nowadays musicians can dedicate the necessary time for their ideal capture in their own environment. But when we talk about mixing all these tracks the knowing how becomes a real need. We mean the character of the professional studios where experienced engineers and high range equipment can develop this task. Mixing Audio Online offers you this kind of creation.


Step 1

Sending the tracks

Select the kind of service required and upload your tracks. We are providing a personalized service in order to understand what your project has to be.

Step 2

Free demo

MAO engineers will work on your idea in order to obtain a World Class mixing. We offer a free demo of one of your tracks at no cost or obligation.


Step 3

Mixing of the project

Only if you feel satisfied with the result we will work on your project.

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As we know, the Mixing is the part where we arrange, locate and correct each of the tracks that are part of a recording project to obtain a homogeneous product, fully balanced, with depth and relief, according to the intention of the creator. For this, we will use an analog sum, equalizer and dynamic controls of solid state or high-end valves and complex digital processes.»

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Mix Coach...

We believe that part of our job is to advise you on possible improvements in the processes of tracking in your studio to get better end results. »

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Mixing gear...

We hope that your ears are the only ones who judge our sound beyond brands, but here you are some which we work with: »


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Acoustic drum...

Many recording engineers agree that the acoustic drum is decisive in the outcome of a good mix. A well-recorded drum together with the rest of the right tracks, will provide a better result to the final mix than some excellent instrument tracks mixed with a bad drum capture.

Just as we commented before, nowadays you can get a good take of an instrument in the DAW 's home studios simply with a good mic, a good pre-amp, technical notions and dedication, we can not say the same when it comes to complex instruments like acoustic drum. The drawbacks are obvious, we need an isolated and acoustically treated space, an audio interface for multitrack recording capabilities beyond the 2, 4 or 8 standard of the DAWs apart from having lots of very specific microphones and deep technical knowledge to achieve coherent phases and control of reflections and environment. »

Real Musicians, 2011

The real solution...

The Redruming is the solution that Mixing Audio Online offers the productions that can not have a good record of drums. We count on the collaboration of professional session drummers of renowned prestige, to interpret that take with the distinctive touch of a precise execution with feeling. Just listening to a reference recording and with some technical premises, we will record with drummers and high-end backline and the technical resources available from Mixing Audio Online. »

Studio samples, 2011

Editing with real samples...

An extended resource in many of the major musical productions today is the total or partial substitution of the original recorded sounds for drum samples from studio libraries of extreme quality. With this technique we manage to keep the original execution, maintaining intensities and real time, but mixing / replacing it with the best drum sounds recorded by the best drummers, recorded by the best engineers in the best studios.

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Redrumming gear...

We rely that your ears will be the only ones judging our sound beyond any brand, but anyway see some which we work with: »

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Here you will find the price list for all the Mixing Audio Online services including the service of Mixing. »MORE...

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The amplifier...

The reamp technique for guitar and electric bass is an interesting solution if you need the sound of a concrete backline that is not available. »

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This is about the recording made in the home studio/DAW of a power line with the untreated pure instrument. This is the track that will be sent to Mixing Audio Online and the signal by using the reamp technique is injected adjusting impedances in the chosen high-end amplifier, to register it with the equipment and the right environment. The reamp technique is not a plug-in, it is an execution of the real track created in the studio of the musician and recorded for real in the Mixing Audio Online studios. We have various amps and preamps, cabinets and stompboxes of the most recognized brands for this technique.»

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Reamp gear...

We rely that your ears will be the only ones judging our sound beyond any brand, but anyway see some which we work with: »

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Your sound...

Mesa Boogie with Newmann?,... Fender with AT?,... Ampeg with Sennheiser?,...Marshall with Shure?,...»

How does it work...

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Sending the tracks...
We have our own ftp for the sending/return of the tracks of the project. Each client has a project name and a password that guarantees the confidential exchange of files.


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Mixing of the project with Mixing Audio Online...
Once we have received all the tracks we will mix one demo for your approval. This track will contain security marks.

As soon as you give us your consent we will go ahead with the mixing of your project.


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Project finalized...
The mixed project will be delivered on the ftp, from where you will be able to use it for the purpose it was initially contracted.


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In this section you will find several documents explaining the specifications and exportation rules of the tracks in order to guarantee a total compatibility and synchronization between your project and our studio. We show as well some recommendations for your tracking procedures, etc.

Technical specs for exportation Pdf

Tracking technical recommendations Pdf

Project information excel format




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