1.-Make your request “Free-demo” by sending us an email to filling out the Excel sheet of information of the project that you'll find under "Downloads" on the website, and tell us your needs and / or any information you consider important for the project. We will inform you of the approximate delivery date of the Free-demo, depending on the number of proposals received at every moment.

2.-We will assign you a username and password for you to upload the tracks or ProTools project to our server. Before uploading your project, make sure to read the document  "Technical Specifications of the Project" which you will find under "Downloads" on the website, to ensure full compatibility between your project and our studio.

3.-Mixing-Audio-Online will make ​​the process of Mixing * (see note 1), and we will send you a Wav / Aiff file, (see note 2), so you can download it and listen to the results in any environment you see fit. The Free-demo tracks can be complete themes with security markings (see note 3), or parts of 30 seconds without any markings of the item sent.

4.-If the result is satisfactory for you, we will work on the entire project according to the hired services.

5.-The payment of the hired services will be made after giving conformity to the Free-demo and before working on the overall process. We recommend Paypal as a form of payment due to its international security by both parties. If you do not have a Paypal account, we will only accept a bank transfer to a specific account .

6.-Once the work is completed, Mixing-Audio-Online will give the finished project  to the FTP according to the hired services so that the customer can download and make free use of it without any kind of safety mark.

7.-Throughout the process there will be a personalized communication to clarify any doubts that may arise.

-1-The Mixing Free demo aims to show very approximate results of the hired service but it is not definitive. If the service is hired, you can work on it with more subtlety and detail.
-2-In case of conversion to mp3, the use of 320k/bts is recommended. Lower resolutions degrade in excess the original signal.
-3-The security features are beeps of 1khz that appear periodically on the recording to render impossible the commercial use of Free-demos that are not accepted.